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none of which have the same species on two islands, with

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{ 8} "The Lesson of Jupiter."--Nineteenth Century, October 1885.

none of which have the same species on two islands, with

{ 9} Mr. Swinburne's and Mr. Arnold's diverse views of Byron will be found in the Selections by Mr. Arnold and in the Nineteenth Century.

none of which have the same species on two islands, with

{ 10} The hills above San Remo, where rose-bushes are planted by the shrines. Omar desired that his grave might be where the wind would scatter rose-leaves over it.

none of which have the same species on two islands, with

{ 11} Omar was contemporary with the battle of Hastings.

{ 12} Per mandata Ducis, Rex hic, Heralde, quiescis, Ut custos maneas littoris et pelagi.

{ 13} "Me neither resolute Sparta nor the rich Larissaean plain so enraptures as the fane of echoing Albunea, the headlong Anio, the grove of Tibur, the orchards watered by the wandering rills."

{ 14} "They say he put aside from him the pure lips of his wife and his little children, like a man unfree, and with his brave face bowed earthward sternly he waited till with such counsel as never mortal gave he might strengthen the hearts of the Fathers, and through his mourning friends go forth, a hero, into exile. Yet well he knew what things were being prepared for him at the hands of the tormentors, who, none the less, put aside the kinsmen that barred his path and the people that would fain have delayed his return, passing through their midst as he might have done if, his retainers' weary business ended and the suits adjudged, he were faring to his Venafran lands or to Dorian Tarentum."

{ 15} "Thou, Phidyle, hast no need to besiege the gods with slaughter so great of sheep, thou who crownest thy tiny deities with myrtle rare and rosemary. If but the hand be clean that touches the altar, then richest sacrifice will not more appease the angered Penates than the duteous cake and salt that crackles in the blaze."

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